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Kanban board on Kerika

Code repository on GitHub

Elcano Project wiki

Similar projects

DARPA Grand Challenge (historic)

Transportation Research Board workshops on Road Vehicle Automation

Smart Driving Cars: Good source of current information

Chinese autonomous vehicle based on Matlab/Simulink

Seattle Robotics Society Robo-Magellan contest

WIKISPEED – Distributed volunteer manufacturing of a 100 mpg car

Advanced Transit Association

Jpods – On demand mobility

Move Forward: Trends in mobility


There may soon be another self-driving vehicle on the road, and it’s not a car


LinkedIn Self-driving cars and TRB Road Vehicle Automation


Arduino controls the vehicle

AdaFruit offers add-ons for Arduino


The people's comma

Base vehicle is a Catrike

Trike is converted with a hub motor and electronic controller

DigiKey is a convenient source of electronics

OpenCV offers source code for computer vision

DIY hacking features user-generated projects centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more

Coverage of Elcano

Forget autonomous cars. How about an electric, self-driving tricycle for a cheaper, safer alternative?

Self-Driving Bikes: Seattle’s Next Transit Revolution?

Autonomous tricycles: A professor's plan to transform urban transit

UW Bothell student engineers building self-driving tricycle

Don’t look now, but they’ve invented self-driving bikes

Self-Driving Bicycle Hopes to Change Public Transit

Tiny Autonomous Vehicles, a Solution to Climate Change

Tyler Folsom

Automation of Ultra-Light Vehicles

Book: The Goddess at the Helm

Energy and Autonomous Urban Land Vehicles

The Modular Bus

An Invitation to a new transportation mode

Self-driving Tricycles